The pounds are falling off

Saturday breakfastI’m not a fanatic about weighing myself — I typically do it once every couple of weeks when I think about it — but it’s been interesting to see my progress since I’ve started Paleo. Two days ago I was 146.2, and this morning it was down to 144.8 (and I was wearing clothes this time). That’s huge.

Now, just to warn you: this blog isn’t going to be one of those cutesy food blogs with those professional-looking pictures and helpful recipes. But I included this picture to show you HALF of what I ate this morning: two eggs and leftovers from last night’s salad with chicken (so…avocados, chicken, and tomato). The other half was a whole sweet potato, boiled and mashed with added cinnamon and nutmeg. Talk about feeling full! So lest you think I am starving myself and am just delusional about being healthy, you had better think again.

I seriously don’t want to lose much more weight. In fact, if (and that’s a big if), I drop under 140, I’ll probably need to reassess how much I’m eating and try to add some more calories to my diet (for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a tall girl). Too skinny is not pretty. But for now I’m pumped.


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