Five days of Paleo

…or is it six? I can’t remember now, but that’s not important. What’s important is that I’ve been eating whole foods for nearly a week!

Here’s some background: I was tired of not being able to get back under 150 on the scale, I was tired of having a belly pooch, I was tired of feeling gross and sluggish, and I was tired of the nagging voice in the back of my mind saying, “Kaci, you’re not doing good things for your body when you don’t eat whole, clean, real food.” So I’ve cut the crap out of my diet — for the most part, at least.

I had heard the term “Paleo” thrown around for a while, particularly by the CrossFit community. I’d also seen a few “Paleo-friendly” descriptions on Pinterest recipes. I had a vague idea of what the diet was about (i.e., getting back to the basics with your food), but before I never had felt that I was mentally at a place to where I could really commit to the principles behind Paleo.

It takes dedication, for sure. And some time. And a little money. But I can tell you that the effort is paying off for me already, and it hasn’t even been a week yet.

Welcome to my blog, and welcome to my journey.


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